Friday, February 17, 2012

Last Orders...

Midleton's Very Rare Irish Whiskey
11:20 PM, The Bridge Bar and Bistro
Dublin, Ireland

Try to not get distracted by the pointless debate on whether Scotch whisky or Irish whiskey is better - it's a an utterly ridiculous discussion as they are two totally different things. Instead, just relax and ease into the comfortable leather chair by the fire that is a good Irish uisce beatha. A very faint hint of smoke, but that fantastic up-front grain flavor that is characteristic of Irish whiskey. A bit of nut, maybe hazelnut, along with a richer, deeper, tobacco and leather scent. Cloves? Maybe...A touch sweet, a little spicy. A perfect way to end an evening, with a light rain falling on the cobblestones outside as you wrap up and stroll along the docks back to your hotel.  Midleton's is rare indeed outside of Ireland, so you owe it to yourself to discover its various expressions and flavors should the opportunity arise, and save the Very Rare for last. Sláinte!

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